Bucket and Dipper

bucket and dipper

Bucket and Dipper is a junior class honorary with rich tradition at Ohio State. The second oldest honorary on campus, B&D uses achievement in academics and service to recognize outstanding members of the junior class. Originally an all-male honorary, B&D has currently grown to a group of thirty members, both male and female.

Bucket and Dipper is active in many things throughout campus. Its most notable event, however, is the Illibuck pass. During a third-quarter timeout at each Ohio State-Illinois football game, the members of B&D and Atius-Sachem, an Illinois honorary, meet on the field. They meet to pass the Illibuck, which is a wooden turtle trophy that emphasizes the longevity of the rivalry. The honorary whose school won the previous year’s game receives the turtle from the other honorary on the field. It is a tradition that goes back to the early days of Ohio State football, which is evident by looking at the several Illibucks found at the Kuhn Honors and Scholars House. After each game, the score of that year’s contest is engraved on the trophy.

In addition, B&D regularly performs service with Reach Out and Read at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Its members meet for social events often, and play an active role in all AOSCH events.

For more information about Bucket and Dipper, visit their website here.