As leaders of AOSCH and its constituent organizations, we promote the ideals of the class honorary system, namely scholarship, leadership, and service.  We lead the efforts of the individual and combined interests of the honoraries.  We facilitate communication and foster bonds between the honoraries and the Ohio State University community.  We also have a responsibility of cultivating the traditions and history of these organizations and the alma mater.

By pursuing these goals, we will perpetuate the highest honor and distinction that characterize the class honorary system at The Ohio State University.


The Association of Ohio State Class Honoraries is the self-governing body of the class honorary community at The Ohio State University.  Its purpose is to represent the mutual interests of Alpha Lambda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma (ALD/PES), Mirrors, Romophos, Bucket & Dipper, Chimes, Mortar Board, and Sphinx; to actively pursue the betterment of the class honorary system at Ohio State; to act as an ambassador between class honoraries, the community, and the administration of The Ohio State University; and to ensure the perpetuity and character of the member-honoraries.

As the governing body of the class honorary community at The Ohio State University, we are committed to the following goals:

  • To make our organization the model student organization at The Ohio State University, and
  • To be leaders in addressing the problems facing the University community and in serving the needs of the Columbus community, and
  • To strive for the ideals of scholarship, leadership, and service on which our member organizations were founded, and
  • To foster friendship in an atmosphere that values the ideas and worth of every person while not excluding any member-student, and
  • To bolster the presence and prestige of the honorary system within the University community, and
  • To honor and strengthen our alma mater.